Ukala Tenancy Agreement

We create a rental agreement if you wish to move, including the inclusion of work references and identification exams. We inform existing supply companies (water, gas and electricity) that you have also moved in, so you don`t have to. Verbal leases are difficult to implement because they are generally not proof of what has been agreed. It is therefore recommended that your entire group be able to sign all documents and leases within 15 calendar days. Inventory This is an accurate and detailed description of the interior of a property. The inventory report allows for an accurate comparison at the end of the lease and is used to prevent or resolve disputes at the end of the tenancy agreement between the landlord and the tenant. We ask our landlord to pay for inbound and outbound supplies, as we can no longer charge tenants (in accordance with the prohibition of rental fees). This varies depending on the size of the property. Prices are as follows for check-in: Change of tenant during the tenancy period – 50 USD VAT included A short-term rental agreement (AST) insured is a contract between the landlord and the tenant. It can be written or oral and gives certain rights to each party. All forms and leases are provided in Word format and allow you to tailor them to your specific needs. Each package or document contains notes explaining how they should be used. It is advisable to get a real estate professional to design your lease.

You will be able to submit to a guaranteed short-term lease agreement in accordance with current legislation and ensure that there will be no unenforceable clauses. As soon as all application forms are completed, we will send you the leases through Docusign. These must be signed immediately – within 15 working days of booking. If we are ordered to manage the lease after the lease, our rental and contract costs correspond to a four-week rent, including advertising on the corresponding portals (minimum $395). For real estate over $1000 monthly rental, it is reduced to 2 weeks of rental plus 500 $US. Now that we have been ordered to find a tenant, prepare and sign an inventory and rental contract and worry about regulatory requirements, an additional two weeks` rent, plus $80, if a deposit is paid, will apply.