Hey Baby, Yoda Best!

It’s Baby Yoda and my latest crazy cake pop attempt. You guys should know that I wouldn’t be able to resist trying to turn this sweet little baby child into an adorable, edible cake pop. And a Valentine’s Day treat seemed to be the perfect time. I love recreating characters because they are usually the […]

It’s Baby Yoda and my latest crazy cake pop attempt. You guys should know that I wouldn’t be able to resist trying to turn this sweet little baby child into an adorable, edible cake pop. And a Valentine’s Day treat seemed to be the perfect time.

I love recreating characters because they are usually the most challenging. And he might look intimidating, but don’t worry, I will break down all the steps for you into hopefully, easy-to-follow directions. And as always, keep in mind, you don’t have to do every detail I show to make a cute cake pop. I’ll give you some tips along the way to reduce some of the steps if you like.

Cake pops start with crumbled cake and frosting. Yes and yum! Use my basic cake pop instructions here to get started. Then follow the directions below to shape, dip and decorate.

I always roll the cake pop mixture into balls first before shaping to make sure they are pretty evenly sized and also so I know how many I’m going to make. I rolled these into bigger balls to account for the combined body and head. I forgot to measure but they were probably 1.5 -2 inches in diameter.

Now, reshape them to resemble a salt shaker.

When making detailed characters, it’s helpful to have reference. So, I made an illustration inspired from the character version on The Mandalorian and created a template you can download and use as a helpful guide.

Use the template under a piece of wax paper and shape the rolled cake ball to match the shape and size on the template. Use your fingers to mold the small head and angled body. Slide the bottom of the body on the wax paper and it will help create a smooth, flat surface. Use the side of a lollipop stick to press against the cake shape to define the neck if needed.

Once shaped, leave on the counter for 30-45 minutes. This can help with the occasional problem of cracking after dipping by allowing the compacted cake pop mixture to rest and expand.

Then, place in the freezer for about 15 minutes to firm up for dipping. Transfer them to the fridge to remain chilled, but not frozen.

Use the template to make the ears, too. Just dip a toothpick into melted green candy coating and use it to fill in the shape. Make the ears on the thicker side without the coating falling outside the lines. Then just let them dry completely.

For light green coating, mix dark and white vanilla candy wafers together when melting. You can also use vanilla candy wafers mixed with green oil-based candy coloring.

Here are pdfs of the template and coordinating tags that you can download and use. I used a 1-7/8 inch paper punch for the tags, but a 2-inch can also work. Just print out the pdf slightly higher than 100% to accommodate if needed. Also, the tags include a version  without Happy Valentine’s Day if you need it.

Baby Yoda Template

Yoda Best Tags

  • Okay now let’s decorate. Remove a chilled shaped cake ball from the fridge one at a time and holding by the head, dip into light brown melted candy coating.
  • Gently swirl to let excess coating fall off and immediately insert a lollipop stick into the bottom center of the cake ball. Insert halfway for support – about the same height as the body and let dry.
  • Once dry, dip the head into the green candy coating and remove allowing any excess coating to fall off. Don’t worry if the cake is exposed around the neck. You’ll be covering it up soon with more coating for the collar.
  • Once you dip the head, immediately place two ears in position on either side and hold in place until they are set.
  • Repeat with remaining cake pops to get to this step.

  • Now add details. Use a toothpick dipped in coating to draw two lines down the front of the coat.
  • Mix some of the light brown coating with more white vanilla coating to achieve a lighter color for the collar. Use a lollipop stick this time to apply a thicker amount. Apply in sections and let dry in between to create a fluffy look. Otherwise, the coating will spread more smoothly together.
  • Paint pink on the ears with edible poppy paint or melted pink candy coating.
  • Use a toothpick dipped in green to draw lines on the forehead, tops of the ears, noses and sweet smiles. Let dry.
  • Use a black edible-ink writing pen to draw on big black eyes.

For the finishing facial touches, add more green coating slightly over the eyes to create big brows. Then use white or even the light brown coating to dot and add sparkle to the eyes.

Sidenote: Here’s a good visual where you could stop and still be super cute… Imagine the cake pop without painting on pink or overlapping green coating on the ears. You could also eliminate a step by making his coat all the same color brown. You could skip dotting the eyes, but it really does add something. So, if you’re looking to simplify, consider some of these tips and stop right here.

But let’s keep going for some Valentine’s Day fun!

Attach a jumbo red heart sprinkle on Baby Yoda’s coat with a dot of melted coating to act as glue. Once dry, use a toothpick dipped in green to draw little fingers overlapping the heart. Extend the coating around the sides and right under the collar for arms and let dry.

The last step really pulls it all together. Use some of the light brown melted candy coating and apply on the pop overlapping the arms and tapering at an angle towards the collar on the sides. let dry completely and then draw a definition line defining the cuff with more melted candy coating and let dry.

Punch out the paper tags and you’re all set to make someone’s Valentine’s Day.

Hey Baby! Yoda Best!

I had to nibble the little guy’s ear.

And his sweet cheeks, too!

Oops! Hope you enjoy these yummy Baby Yoda’s as much as I did making (and eating) them.

Hugs and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Detective Pikachu Cake Pops

It’s been a little while since I’ve made character cake pops. I usually partner with an animated movie when I do. You can see some of them here. But this time, I was inspired by a super-fun memory and a cute little yellow Pokémon. So, The other day I was talking with friends about some […]

It’s been a little while since I’ve made character cake pops. I usually partner with an animated movie when I do. You can see some of them here. But this time, I was inspired by a super-fun memory and a cute little yellow Pokémon.

So, The other day I was talking with friends about some of the crazy adventures I’ve been on because of baking. And one of the most fun experiences was the time I made cake pops with Blake Lively at her home. Still to this day so surreal. Well, the next thing I know, I’m watching Entertainment Tonight and there’s Blake with her husband for the premiere of his new movie, Detective Pikachu. She was glowing and not just because she was wearing a dress made of sunshine and pregnant with her third child. I think she always glows and is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.

Anyway, while I was watching TV and thinking about what I should make next I was like… duh. It has to be Pikachus. Definitely Detective Pikachu to help celebrate her hubby’s movie.

So, how do we go from big round cake balls to the pudgy little Pokemon character below?

Let’s investigate.

First … check out my basic cake pop instructions if you need them. Once you’ve rolled them into balls, use the instructions below to shape and decorate.

Now, I know most people won’t make these, but I always hope when I share more challenging designs, that there’s something in the process, a technique or new approach that you might see and want to try on your own creations. Because really, the possibilities are endless. And I realize these are not your everyday cake pops, but I tend to go over the top when I make a new design to see how far I can take it and what I can get away with. Hopefully you find some inspiration along the way.

So, here’s a tip if you’re trying to make character cake pops that have a very specific look. Find an image of the character you’re making on google and print it out in different sizes. Place a piece of wax paper over it and use the best image underneath as a guide to shape your cake pop mixture and also to help find sprinkles and candies in the right size to help you decorate.

To shape the body, I started out with large rolled cake balls and divided the mixture in two parts. One part to shape for the body and one part to shape for the head. Separating the head and body will help create a more defined shape when dipped in candy coating.

Shape the body using the image under wax paper as a template. Use smooth tools like a spoon handle or even a lollipop stick to help recreate the body like the image. Once the body is shaped to resemble Pikachu’s knees/legs, place it over the template and then use a spoon or knife to cut off the excess around the neck, leaving a curved edge to place the head on once it is shaped.

Roll a smaller ball for the head and use a lollipop stick to flatten where the eyes will be and then press the end into the front to define where the mouth will go.

These flower sprinkles will be used for the feet. You could get away without doing this step, but it adds a little extra detail.

Use some melted yellow candy coating to attach the heads to the bodies. Then attach the flower sprinkles to the bottom of the legs for feet.

Roll small balls out of the cake pop mixture to then shape into tiny little arms. Attach them to the body with more melted candy coating and let dry completely.

Yes, much better with arms. You can start to see the character coming together.

At this stage, you can place the shaped Pikachus in the fridge to chill and firm up for dipping and you can also prepare the ears.

I used bananas from this fruit shaped candy sprinkle mixture for the ears. You could also use something like licorice pastilles. They just won’t have a pointy end. The bananas were a pretty good match, but they needed to be bulked up a bit and also to be the same color as Pikachu’s body, so I dipped them in melted yellow candy coating and once dry, set them on wax paper.

I’m sorry Pikachu  :0

Dip Pikachu in a tall narrow bowl containing melted and fluid, yellow candy coating. Remove and gently tap off the excess. Before the coating, dries, place two of the coated banana candies in position for ears.

Once the bodies are dry, you can decorate.

Dot on melted chocolate candy coating in position for the nose using a toothpick.

Use a black edible ink writing pen to draw on mouths and eyes. Use a red edible ink writing pen to draw on cheeks.

Paint his tummy white and the tips of his ears black with Poppy Paint.

Then use a toothpick to dot on more white for the sparkle in his eyes.

You could stop here, but I wanted to give him his lightning bolt-shaped tail.

Use the same image and place it under wax paper. Use a sharpie to trace the tail shape. Then place a new clean piece of wax paper on top to pipe yellow candy coating on. Place the tails in the freezer for several minutes to dry.

Carefully attach them to the body with more melted candy coating.

Too cute!

Now you’ll really think I am insane. I do too. I’m almost embarrassed. But obviously Detective Pikachu needs his super sleuth hat.

I used a candy mold to make chocolate buttons/discs and then placed them on top of a dollop of melted chocolate to create a lid effect.

This mold isn’t available anymore, but search candy drop mold for something similar.

OMG. Dying over here with these cute little caps.

Stop it!

Sorry, I can’t help myself!

Hope you enjoy these and the movie, too! It’s in theaters this weekend starring Ryan Reynolds and Justice Smith.