The Serious Eats Team’s Favorite Images of 2023

An appreciation post for our amazingly talented SE photographers, along with the best images we published in 2023

Collage of photo strips that say favorite images
Serious Eats

Arguably the best part of my job as Serious Eats' visuals director is getting to work with photographers from all over the world. These are the passionate and talented creators that make sure we all "eat with our eyes first" with every SE recipe we publish. They constantly go above and beyond to make sure that you, dear reader, are not only drawn in by a singular image of an amazing plate of food, but that you also have all the visual references and tools to make your home cooking endeavor a success.

Our photographers care deeply about and often represent the cuisines and recipes they photograph. This list of SE staff's favorite frames from 2023 is just our small way to say a big "thank you" to all of our amazing contributors by highlighting just some of the gorgeous and fun visuals they bring to our beloved site. If I could have included every image we published this year, I would, but here are just a few of our favorites.

Sopaipillas (Chilean Fried Pastries), Photo by Estudio Como

Overhead view of sopaipillas with pebre
Serious Eats / Estudio Como. Food Styling by Valentina Gracia Aubel

I've thought about this photo at-least once a month since we published this recipe in September. The subtle window light, the cooling colors of those beautiful, light linen flowers contrasting with the warmth and heaviness of the sopaillas, how inviting this dish looks are all captivating. All these elements transport me to a Sunday afternoon in the kitchen, where a family conversation is happening just off frame in haphazardly arranged chairs around a table. Ricardo and Sysla make up Estudio Como and along with Valentina Gracia Aubel on styling, they photographed three of Isidora Díaz's new recipes for Serious Eats this year. I can not wait to get more of their work on the site in 2024. —Amanda Suarez, associate visuals director

Mazatlán Ceviche de Sierra (Sinaloan Mackerel Ceviche), Photo by Lorena Masso

Side view of a serving of ceviche on a tostada
Serious Eats / Lorena Masso

There's a lot to desire in this image—the mountain of ceviche, the earthy tone of tiles under the plate, those refreshing cubes of cucumber and promised sip of beer—but I think it's the layer of mayo on the tostada right under the fish that really gets me. It's so generous, so creamy...I just want to take a bite. Daniel Gritzer, senior culinary director

The Best Tinned Fish (and Other Seafood) You Can Buy Online, Photo by Grace Kelly

an open tin of fish with a lemon wedge and slices of bread
Serious Eats / Grace Kelly

I'm always impressed with casual food styling in tested photos. As a tester myself, I know how much chaos exists just out of frame of every photo I take, which is why these tinned fish photos are so incredible. Each tin gets it's own staged table with various acoutrements and casual angles, and reading this story feels like I was invited to a fish party. Jesse Raub, commerce writer

All Hail the Buenos Aires Bodegón, Photo by Kevin Vaughn

A tortilla 'española' prepared with dry chorizo and served babé, or extra yolky
A tortilla 'española' prepared with dry chorizo and served babé, or extra yolky.Serious Eats / Kevin Vaughn

This photo Kevin Vaughn took for his feature piece on Argentinian bodegón culture is so compositionally strong, it makes me proud to have it on site. I want to be seated at this table immediately and spend at least 3 hours there. The way this composition leads your eyes to move through the image, from the handwritten sign to the blue jacket of the wine bottle to the top of the chair down to the food and then back to the wine via the fork, is so impressive. —Amanda Suarez

We Tested Soft Coolers to Find Ones with Excellent Cold Retention and Portability, Photo by Riddley Gemperlein-Schirm

Several soft coolers on a grassy surface
Serious Eats / Riddley Gemperlein-Schirm

The images in this piece just scream summer—sun-soaked grass, blue skies, a chilled can of seltzer, and, of course, colorful soft coolers to pack a picnic lunch. As winter creeps closer, it makes me even more wistful for days spent beachside under the shade of an umbrella, a cold drink, and some cold watermelon within arm’s reach. Grace Kelly, associate commerce editor

Egg and Pâté Bánh Mì, Photo by Vy Tran

Overhead view of chicken livers in milk
Serious Eats / Vy Tran

Step photos are the unsung hero of Serious Eats. They make up a majority of the photos on the site and are almost always more instructional than glamorous. Almost. This photo of chicken livers in buttermilk shot by Vy for her Egg and Pâté Bánh Mì recipe has me hypnotized. Why is this so beautiful? Why can't I decide if it looks like an abstract oil painting or an imaginary map from a brutal and dark fantasy novel? Do I maybe want to hang it in my kitchen? Vy's control of light is always brilliant and this is just another example of that! —Amanda Suarez

Cornflake Marshmallow Treats, Photo by Amanda Suarez

Close up of cornflake crispies

I'm a sucker for a macro food image, and this cornflake marshmallow treat close-up nails it. That perfect marshmallowy pull, the speckled brown butter bits, and the golden toasted cornflakes that Amanda captures in this shot highlights why we should all go run to our kitchen to make Genevieve's marshmallow treats. Leah Colins, senior culinary editor

Cajun Shrimp, Photo by Robby Lozano

Cajun shrimp on a purple plate.
Serious Eats / Robby Lozano

Do you know what makes me happier than a monochromatic styling choice? A monochromatic styling choice WITH TEXTURE. Robby Lozano along with food stylist Ruth Blackburn and prop stylist Josh Hoggle really did something special with this photo and gave these shrimp the Hollywood treatment. The way the pebbled print of the placemat helps highlight the seasoning and sear pattern on the shrimp is so impressive. —Amanda Suarez

Bún Bò Huê (Vietnamese Spicy Beef Noodle Soup), Photo by Vy Tran

Overhead view of building bun bo hue bowl step by step
Serious Eats / Vy Tran

Vy is a rockstar in everything that she does, but her photos for this bún bò huê recipe are absolutely stunning. I particularly loved this gif of her putting the bowl of soup together—it was not only fun, but also a great way to showcase all the components of the dish! Yasmine Maggio, associate editor

Jamaican Pan Chicken, Photo by Karina Matalon

Pan chicken served with white bread and condiments.
Serious Eats / Karina Matalon

Karina has shot almost our entire Jamaican cuisine package this year and has knocked each assignment out of the park. The simplicity of the styling here and the contrast of the plate and hardo bread make this beauty shot of Jamaican Pan Chicken one of my favorite of the year. —Amanda Suarez

The Best Extra Virgin Olive Oils You Can Buy Online, Photo by Grace Kelly

a variety of olive oil on a blue backdrop
Serious Eats / Grace Kelly

I'm so intimidated by the world of olive oil, and reading associate commerce editor Grace Kelly's story made me want to dive right in. The only thing more dreamy than her writing is her photography! Riddley Gemperlein-Schirm, senior commerce editor

Coconut Cream Pie, Photo by Amanda Suarez

Slice of coconut creme pie
Serious Eats / Amanda Suarez

If you know me, you know I love whipped cream and custard, so this iconic shot in which a generous slice of coconut cream pie looms large makes me want to jump through the screen, headfirst into it. Don't miss all those toasty flakes either, both the coconut on top and the beautiful pie crust below. —Daniel Gritzer

The Solo Stove Pi Prime Is a Powerful Pizza Oven (It Cost Less Than Most Ooni Ovens, Too), Photo by Jesse Raub

a close up of a piza with a charred crust
A perfectly cooked pie.Serious Eats / Jesse Raub

Every once in a while I surpirse myself with a truly exciting photo—I'm not really a photographer, and I feel like I do a lot of fumbling and guessing with crossed fingers that my snaps live up to the Serious Eats quality standard. But when testing an outdoor pizza oven, I feel like I really nailed both the cook on the pie and the close-up on the cornicione, so I'm going to toot my own horn just this once. —Jesse Raub

Classic Martini, Photo by Two Bites

Two Martinis
Serious Eats / Two Bites

We've been working on revamping our cocktail archive this year and Natalie and Makenzo (who photograph as Two Bites) have brought such amazing color to our drinks. LOOK AT HOW CRISP AND CLEAN THESE MARTINIS LOOK. I'm an dirty martini fan (don't @ me) but I would drink order these off a menu immediately if this picture was there. —Amanda Suarez

Philly Cheesesteaks, Photo by Amanda Suarez

Overhead view of two cheesesteaks
Serious Eats / Amanda Suarez

At first glance, this is just a delicious-looking Philly cheesesteak that's bursting at the seams with well-browned slivers of rib-eye steak glistening in its own delicious fat and intertwined with melty cheese pulled throughout. But the discerning eye of a Philadelphian will pick up on Amanda Suarez's perfectly placed Eagles keychain in the background, giving this sandwich the proper Philly-approval that it deserves. Go birds!! —Leah Colins

Elvis Presley's Favorite Peanut Butter Sandwich, Photo by Fred Hardy

Side view of Elvis sandwich with an Elvis bobblehead in the background
Serious Eats / Fredy Hardy

When Fred filed this gif, I shrieked. Not only does this sandwich look amazing but this bobblehead makes me laugh every.single.time. What more could I have asked for? Major shout out to Fred and food stylist Ana Kelly and prop stylist Shell Royster for the funniest image I published this year. —Amanda Suarez

To Find the Best Gas Grills, We Spent More Than a Month Testing Them, Photo by Russell Kilgore

three gas grills on a patio
Serious Eats / Russell Kilgore

The Birmingham testing team worked incredibly hard to test grills and smokers of all sorts this year, and the photos are just stunning. Chicken wings, steaks, burgers, brisket—oh my! —Riddley Gemperlein-Schirm

Homemade Ketchup, Photo by Qi Ai

Overhead view of ketchup in a bowl on a plate with fries
Serious Eats / Qi Ai

Did you know that sometimes the simplest recipes are the hardest to photograph and style? You wouldn't know that by looking at this photo of ketchup by Qi. All of Qi's work is stunning and this photo with the contrasting circular lines all over this image is next level. —Amanda Suarez

Mise En Place, Art by Amanda Suarez

A collage of cocktails
Serious Eats

A few months ago, we started a new weekly series on Serious Eats called Mise en Place. It's been a fun experiment for us to be able to share what goes on behind the scenes each week and connect with our beloved audience. Amanda always goes above and beyond in her work, but whenever we give something new a try, I'm amazed at how she proposes to bring it to life visually—and Mise en Place is no different! She's been putting together these fun header images each week, and this is just one of my favorites. The art is eclectic and modern and just what we need to bring the series together. —Yasmine Maggio

Chicken M’qualli Tagine With Olives and Preserved Lemon, Photo by Jen Causey

Overhead view of chicken tagine on a platter
Serious Eats / Jen Causey

This gorgeous photo of chicken tagine uses contrast for maximum visual effect. Set on a lighter background and the chicken, stained yellow from turmeric and saffron, might have looked washed out, or maybe just less impressive. But against the charcoal and metallic backdrop in this photo, the full warmth and bold color of the tagine comes through. For what it's worth, this was one of the most raved-about recipes from our cross testers this year, so yes, it is as good as it looks. —Daniel Gritzer

We Shucked 150 Oysters to Find the Best Oyster Knives, Photo by Grace Kelly

oyster knives on a blue surface with oysters
Serious Eats / Grace Kelly

When I first started taking photos for Serious Eats reviews, well, let’s just say there was a lot to be desired. Back then it was just me trying to finagle my partner’s mirrorless camera, oftentimes with blurry or pixelated results. But today (not to toot my own horn), I’ve come so far!! And this review of oyster knives showcases my improvement. I hosted a banger of an oyster shucking party in my backyard with tubs of ice on fold-out tables, bags of oysters chilling in a cooler, and the camera capturing the elbow-wrenching process of preparing the briny bivalves. The bright lead image and shucking photos bring me back to that fun day. —Grace Kelly

Karışık Sebze Turşusu (Turkish Mixed Vegetable Pickles), Photo by Amanda Suarez

Side view of a plate of pickles
Serious Eats / Amanda Suarez

Have you ever been able to taste a photo? This recipe for Turkish pickles has so many vibrant colors that it jolts up me upright on cloudy days. It's hard to pick a single photo that I love from this batch—the action shots are great, the staggered stacked vegetables in the cross section photos are super fun—but this snap of the pickles on the plate has my mouth watering. I feel like they're right in front of me, almost glowing, ready to be snacked on. —Jesse Raub

Gravlax With Caraway, Coriander, and Mustard-Dill Sauce Recipe, Photo by Victor Protasio

Overhead view of gravlax on pumpernickel bread with a coffee cup and sauce
Serious Eats / Victor Protasio

Look at all of these lines!!! Do I need to say anything else? Other than major kudos to Victor, food stylist Ruth Blackburn, and prop stylist Lindsey Lower, obviously! —Amanda Suarez

The Best Tinned Fish (and Other Seafood) You Can Buy Online, Photo by Grace Kelly

a hand using tweezers to grab a mussel from a tin
Serious Eats / Grace Kelly

I'm always impressed by the creativity the SE commerce team showcases in their content—they're always finding ways to step up their game and draw people in! This piece on where to buy tinned fish from Grace was a knockout visually (and editorially, I might add!). All of the photos were gorgeous, but this one in particular grabbed my attention immediately. I loved how Grace put the tinned fish in context and showed how you might enjoy it alongside other food items. The setup of everything, including the hand picking up the fish with a long pair of tweezers, was reminiscent of a picnic on a sunny day. It made me want to leave all my work behind and join this mysterious person for an afternoon bite! —Yasmine Maggio

Mise en Place #0008: A Year of Favorites and Jamaican Recipes Galore

In the eighth installment of our new weekly series, we give you a behind-the-line look at our recipes, Slack conversations, and more.

Collage of random things
Serious Eats

Have you ever met someone who doesn’t believe in favorites? The ones who prefer to quantify each like or interest instead of using the label of “favorite?” Well, I can confidently tell you that the Serious Eats staff are the exact opposite type of people. We say our opinions with our chest—when we love something, we LOVE something, and we’ll make sure you know about it. So our year-end roundups are always a fun time around the office, where we all get to wax poetic about our favorite versions of all the things that make up this lovely little food website: recipes, images, gear, and more. This week, we kicked things off with the team’s seven favorite recipes (we should note here that every recipe we published is our favorite because it’s a Serious Eats recipe, but these seven lingered just a little longer in our brains and our kitchens this year), which you can read more about below. Also in this week’s Mise en Place: a look at the latest additions to our Jamaican cuisine guide, as well as Serious Feats, a new social nonsense video series we debuted. Dive in!!!

A Year of Favorites

The entire team made it to December with all digits intact, which is surprising given how most of the kitchen items we bought for ourselves were tools for slicing and shredding. Read about our favorite purchases here and maybe grab yourself a lil early holiday present—as a lil December treat, you know? 

Graphic for favorite recipes
Serious Eats / Amanda Suarez

This week, we also published our favorite recipes from 2023. Ceviche, chai, buffalo chicken salad—you name it, we loved it, and we wouldn’t shut up about it. Stay tuned for next week when we’ll be rounding up your favorite recipes, the ones you clicked and commented on the most in 2023. (Hint about our most visited new recipe: Go Birds)

Committed to the Bit

We launched the first video in a new social series this week called Serious Feats (a great name, please clap!!). The series is a Super Serious, Super Intense, Super Important head-to-head competition where we ask staff members to do various kitchen tasks and see who really has a competitive streak. (It’s Daniel, obviously it’s Daniel). The first edition is below and on Instagram and while Daniel takes the definitive W in this one, watch out, because Leah’s got some tricks up her sleeves!!!

Jamaican Food for Every Meal

I get the pleasure of reading and adding photos to every recipe we publish as part of my job, and it’s been so exciting to see all the amazing recipes from Michelle and Suzanne Rousseau go live on the site. This week we published their rundown, coconut milk, stew peas, and roasted breadfruit recipes. While reading about how rundown is a traditional Jamaican breakfast dish, I decided to imagine what a full day’s menu would look like using just the Rousseau’s recipes (if I ever find the will or kitchen space to accomplish such a feast). Here’s where I landed (though it was so hard to choose!!):

Mise En Place #0006: In Short, We’re Ready for Thanksgiving.

In the sixth installment of our new weekly series, we give you a behind-the-line look at our recipes, Slack conversations, and more.

A collage of cocktails
Serious Eats

It's the week of Thanksgiving. You're missing deadlines and procuring last-minute ingredients, and there's a gentle frenzy behind every coordinating text being sent. If this is you, then just know that the Serious Eats team is right there with you, running around with family and friends and plenty of good food in the works. (If you still need some ideas for what to make, we obviously have you covered, here, here and here, but please hurry!! Because now your stress is our stress and no one needs more stress). This week’s Mise en Place is short and sweet—because we’re more than ready for Thursday—and hopefully comforting, because we’re all in it together!


Last week on Mise en Place, we gave you the play-by-play of what each of our Thursday tablescapes will look like. This week, we’re focusing on the liquid courage getting us through these ten-step recipes and awkward pauses at the dinner table. Check out what everyone on the team will be filling their glasses with below. (And, btw, I don't really want to admit it as earnestness pains me, but I will mention that I am—we all are—appreciative for yet another year of the Serious Eats fandom. You guys are wild, but, ya know, you're also great. Cheers!)

“Big-batch NOLA-origin cocktails. Probably sazarac, maaaaaybe hurricane—and no, I have not yet figured out how to batch the recipes yet...maybe I'll slack our friends at Liquor.” —Daniel Gritzer, senior culinary director

“My batch whiskey sour is infamous (let's just say everyone was feeling, erm, lots of things the day after my backyard wedding last year) so of course I’ll be making that, but also this low ABV recipe that I can't get enough of, which is basically a sherry- and amaro-based cocktail with cider, lime juice, and pear shrub. It's so good!”—Grace Kelly, associate commerce editor

“This Nero d’Avola from Martha Stoumen.” —Jesse Raub, commerce writer 

“WINE. Lots of it.” —Riddley Gemperlein-Schirm, senior commerce editor

“My mother makes a fabulous porto tonico. I have big plans to sip one on a quiet beach stroll. People usually think of it as a summer cocktail, but with fresh orange and fresh sage, oh-my-festive-holiday-goodness!” —Leah Colins, senior culinary editor

“Lots of Martinelli's sparkling apple cider for my Muslim family!! Halal wine, as we like to call it.” —Yasmine Maggio, associate editor

Black Friday + Small Business Saturday + Cyber Monday = Deals, Deals, Deals

Roundup: Editors' Early Deals Picks Tout
Serious Eats / Daisy Rodriguez

The all-star Serious Eats Commerce Team is taking over the weekend social shift and will have all of your online shopping needs covered for the marathon that is post-turkey online purchasing. Be sure to keep an eye on our Instagram stories all Friday, Saturday, and Monday for the best hand-picked deals to fully deck out your kitchen.  

Mise En Place #0004: Stubborn Robots, Infinite Flan, and Perfect Apple Pie

In the fourth installment of our new weekly series, we give you a behind-the-line look at our recipes, Slack conversations, and more.

A composition of a slice of pie, cubed veggies, and spices.
Serious Eats / Amanda Suarez

The Serious Eats staff is an eclectic group of folks with all differing interests outside of their day job. Amanda loves watching a foreign film screening or Philadelphia sports, Tess is constantly in search for the perfect rotissierie chicken, Yasmine is training her bird Zippy to become a pirate—you get it. Not unrelated? All the below. Here's the SE BTS from the week (and here are all existing previous installments of this silly column).

(What the Robots Understand to Be) Onions

We discovered that Daniel has been having hours-long conversations with ChatGPT after he signs off at work. About what, you might ask? I'd be so happy to tell you! They're chatting about all sorts of things, but most pressing these past few days has been Daniel's quest to find the mathematical equation behind chopping an onion perfectly. Take a peek at some of the screenshots below (and then ignore all those grids) (and go cut some onions for Nik Sharma's newly published pigeon peas and squash recipe).

A gif of a conversation between a Serious Eats editor and ChatGPT about chopping onions.
Serious Eats

Baking Without Bakers Present

Leah and Genevieve are, hands down, our Serious Eats baking rock stars. However, Leah lives in Boston and Genevieve is on CURRENTLY mat leave (GY! WE MISS YOU SO MUCH!), so when it came time to shoot Leah's new Pennsylvania Dutch Apple Pie recipe this week in the NYC studio, it was up to Daniel to pull it together for the photos.

Daniel takes a picture of an apple pie in the oven.
Serious Eats / Amanda Suarez

After just two FaceTimes with Leah and only four instances of saying "I don't bake" ( any SE reader who gets this Martin Short SNL reference, you're his new favorite audience member), the pie came out delicious and you can follow the recipe below.

Brain Worms This Week

In addition to the aforementioned outside-of-work pastimes, this staff spends a good chunk of its daytime hours talking at each other about our "brain worms." In case you aren't as far gone as we are, brain worms are pervasive thoughts that can only take over once you've ceded defeat to the internet; they allow you to know EVERY. SINGLE. DETAIL about an unimportant Internet Thing, which then becomes the only thing you think about for about 48 hours (and then never again). See: “brain rot,” “too online,” etc. Regardless, most of our brain worms are Thanksgiving-ish at this point.

Grace literally cannot stop making pumpkin-scented leche flans! Tess is mostly just curating recipe taxonomy pages so that you don't all write in about how you can't find Kenji's oldest stuffing recipe. We are all looking forward to EOY brain worms, most of which, we pray, will be Mariah Carey-centric and have nothing to do with food science during regular business hours.

Mise en Place #0001: Protractors, Birria, and Mail

In this first edition of our new weekly round-ups, we let you in behind-the scenes of our recipes, Slack conversations, and more.

Collage of various items in a risograph style
Serious Eats

For quite some time now, we've been deliberating how we can communicate with our readers in a way that's not recipes, technique guides, or generally nerdy and longform news content. Over the years, different iterations of SE staffers have initiated blogs, round-ups, mail bags; all of it great, none of it longterm. This version of the staff, though—this exhausted, too-online, silly-goofy staff—hasn't tried any of it, and thought it might be nice to try it all in one go. So! Welcome to the first edition of Mise En Place, a casual weekly update giving you a behind-the-line look at all the things that made Serious Eats, well, Serious Eats this week. We hope you enjoy it, we hope it allows you to get to know us better (...we hope to hear from you and get to know you better in turn!), we hope it is nothing more than a lovely, vaguely funny, slightly helpful-in-navigating-our-site happening that you can enjoy once a week for a while.


It Was All a Lot

The Northeast (SE’s main home base) has officially switched to sweater weather and made smart layering an essential part of our team's sartorial decisions. And while we all looked great, we also did all get hit hard with disgusting and miscellaneous viral plagues. Amidst the illnesses, we polled the class on what their go to comfort sick food was. Related: Excuse any extra unhingedness in this inaugural edition; we’re all just trying to get by!

Tess Koman, Sr. Editorial Director: pierogies, matzo ball soup, and sweet potato fries

Yasmine Maggio, Associate Editor: RAMEN

Leah Colins, Senior Culinary Editor: chicken noodle soup, hot & sour soup, and a childhood favorite, "tomato rice with a raw egg cracked in it while it's still piping hot to emulsify, and pecorino sprinkled overtop"

Grace Kelly, Associate Commerce Editor: chicken and slicks soup (grandma's recipe, therefore not quite linkable) and pierogies 

Yuansi Li, UX Designer: congee

A Discourse On Mother's Cooking, Fueled By Birria

Can anything ever really be better than Mom's home cooking? Or will we just be chasing ways to replicate that magic in our own kitchens forever? And what if, in our journey, we *gasp* discover a technique *double gasp* might make the dish even better than mom's?

Side view of dipping birria tacos into consome
Serious Eats / Lorena Masso

These are the questions that have been circulating the staff ever since we published Octavio Pena’'s stunning new birria recipe on Tuesday. Octavio, a new contributor to the site, set out to replicate his mother's savory red chile broth and the first attempt ended up in catastrophe. (A canceled party and a phone call to a nurse were involved—YoU’LL hAvE tO CLiCk tHe LiNk To LeArN MoRe!!!) The recipe he ended up developing for Serious Eats has a combination of 3 chile varieties, an ample amount of achiote paste, and, perhaps most excitingly, gochujang! Our cross-tester Tina Ujlaki (the former 30-year Executive Food Editor of Food & Wine) noted: "This was the best birria I've ever had, and I've had it quite a bit."

Run, don't walk, to this recipe (linked below for your convenience), but please note, per our edit lead Tess: "For legal reasons, we love moms and we love all moms' birria recipes."


…One we sent ourselves, but 'twas exciting nonetheless! This week, the Serious Eats commerce team published all the tips to make your daily trip to the mailbox less dreadful. First up, Madeline Muzzi tested 10 mail-order turkeys to help you get a jump start on your Thanksgiving day feast. Then, the whole commerce team tested subscription boxes filled with all kinds of kitchen goodness, from wine to cheese to olive oil to fish to snacks from around the world. Read their round-up here and treat your future self to a fun little surprise by mail, etc., etc.

First there was girl math. Then there was boy math. Now, there is funnel cake math.

This week, the team lost—and I am being so serious—at least four hours to math. More specifically, they lost that time to funnel cake-specific math. We're re-testing and updating our funnel cake recipe, so senior culinary editor Leah Colins and senior culinary director Daniel Gritzer set out to calculate the circumference measurements needed to achieve a perfect, carnival-worthy funnel cake that fits perfectly on a paper plate. And yes! There were protractors involved. Take a look at the prelim results by Leah and stay tuned for our newly refreshed recipe coming soon!