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Easy Recipes For When You’re Not Feeling Well

No one wants to spend ages on food preparation when they’re feeling sick, but it’s essential to get the vitamins and nutrition the body needs to heal. It can be tempting to reach for convenience foods if you have a cold or the flu. While there’s nothing wrong with having some comfort foods when you […]

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No one wants to spend ages on food preparation when they’re feeling sick, but it’s essential to get the vitamins and nutrition the body needs to heal. It can be tempting to reach for convenience foods if you have a cold or the flu. While there’s nothing wrong with having some comfort foods when you feel unwell, eating a healthy, freshly cooked meal can provide some of the goodness you need to recover.

Fortunately, a few time-saving tricks can help you make nutritious meals in minutes without any expensive equipment or complicated preparation so that you can get back to snuggling on the couch. This list provides info on 12 fast and healthy recipes that are perfect for sick days.

1. Ramen Mason Jars

When you’re feeling under the weather, lengthy preparation is a no-go. Instant ramen is a popular go-to for a quick, hot meal, but it’s not very nutritious. This healthy and fast ramen mason jar recipe by Simple, Sassy, Scrumptious packs in plenty of protein with zero cooking involved — simply pour on hot water and leave it to stand for five minutes. You can even enjoy your comforting soup straight from the jar.

This recipe calls for cooked, shredded chicken – such as that from a precooked rotisserie chicken from the grocery store – but other meat such as leftover beef works well too. You could also add a handful of edamame beans or chopped tofu to create a vegan version.

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2. Frozen Berry and Yogurt Swirls

Delicious ice cream is perfect for soothing a sore throat. These incredibly simple and pretty frozen berries and yogurt popsicles from Taste of Home are a healthy twist on ice cream, so you’ll get some much-needed vitamins and protein while you slurp. It combines fresh berries or clementines with honey-flavored Greek yogurt to create an appealing, swirled effect.

This recipe uses disposable cups as popsicle molds, so you don’t need any special equipment to whip up a batch. It’s also ideal for making ahead of time to have a healthy treat ready whenever you come down with a bug.


3. Cream Cheese Mac and Cheese

There’s nothing quite as comforting as a hot, gooey plate of macaroni and cheese when you’re sick. However, making mac and cheese from scratch can be time-consuming. This simple cream cheese mac and cheese recipe from Crunch & Cream uses cream cheese instead of a roux-based white sauce. All you need to do is cook the pasta, stir it into a baking dish with cream cheese and shredded Parmesan and then pop it in the oven.

This oven-baked pasta recipe is delicious on its own, but you can make it more nutritious by adding chopped vegetables to the baking dish. You could also add cooked shredded chicken or drained canned tuna to the sauce for extra protein.

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4. Green Smoothie

Smoothies are a great solution when you need sustenance but have a sore throat or reduced appetite. Downshiftology’s straightforward green smoothie recipe contains four portions of fruits and vegetables, including vibrant green spinach and avocado.

To have a healthy smoothie ready in minutes, all you need to do is roughly chop the fruits and veggies and blitz it in a blender with milk. This recipe also works well with dairy-free milk substitutes, such as almond or soy milk, for a plant-based version.

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5. Applesauce

This homemade applesauce recipe by Spend with Pennies calls for just four ingredients: apples, water, sugar and cinnamon. It’s also incredibly quick and easy to prepare, which is just what you need when you don’t feel well. Simply add the ingredients to the pan, bring to a boil and then simmer for between 20 and 25 minutes.

Homemade applesauce is delicious on its own and easy on the stomach. However, you could try it spooned over plain yogurt or cereal for a more substantial meal. Applesauce freezes well, so you can prepare it in advance to have a comforting, nutritious snack ready for the next time you get sick.

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6. Easy Crock-Pot Chicken Noodle Soup

Using a slow cooker is a great way to prepare sick day meals because you can just dump the ingredients in and leave it to work its magic. Even better, you can use it to make comforting chicken soup. This easy Crock-Pot chicken noodle soup recipe from Delish combines protein-rich chicken breasts with nutritious carrots, celery and pasta.

You don’t even need to cook the chicken before adding it to the pot. Simply put the chicken breasts in whole and shred them with two forks before serving. It takes between six and eight hours to cook, allowing you to fill the slow cooker in the morning to have a hot meal ready at dinner time.

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7. Avocado Toast

Avocado toast is a quick and easy meal to make when you feel up to something more substantial but don’t feel well enough to cook. This classic avocado toast recipe from Taste of Home couldn’t be more straightforward. Sliced avocados, olive oil, and sea salt combine to make a creamy, delicious topping for whole wheat or sourdough toast.

There are plenty of ways to adapt the basic recipe to suit your tastes and appetite. Adding thinly sliced radishes or a sprinkle of dried chili flakes can give the dish more flavor and bite. You could also top your toast with a poached or boiled egg to make a more filling meal.

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8. Sheet Pan Chicken Curry

Sheet pan recipes can be a real lifesaver when you’re sick because you can just add the ingredients to a single pan and leave it to cook in the oven. This sheet pan chicken recipe by Taste of Home is as simple as it gets and combines chopped veggies with chicken and spices for a flavorful and healthy dish. Even better, there’s only one pan to wash up when you’re finished.

This recipe contains cubed sweet potatoes, making it a filling meal served alone. However, you could serve it with steamed rice or toasted naan to make it more substantial.

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9. One-Pan Pasta

Martha Stewart’s fast one-pan pasta recipe takes just 20 minutes from start to finish, leaving only one pan to wash afterwards. It’s a clever time-saving recipe for sick days because you can cook the pasta in the tomato sauce ingredients, so there’s no need to boil and strain the linguine beforehand. It’s delicious served with crusty bread and a sprinkle of Parmesan for a hearty meal.

This recipe is vegetarian, and you can make it vegan by skipping the Parmesan or swapping it for a plant-based alternative. Shredded cooked chicken would make delicious addition if you want more protein.

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10. Bircher Muesli (Swiss Oatmeal)

It can be tempting to reach for sugary cereal as a quick meal when you’re sick. However, this no-cook Bircher muesli recipe from The Worktop provides a quick and nutritious alternative when you want something comforting and filling. Rolled oats, dried fruit and nuts provide the same delicious flavor of granola without the high sugar content, and it contains creamy yogurt for added protein.

You can use any dried fruit and seeds in this Swiss Bircher recipe, and it also works well with any chopped fruit sitting around in your fruit bowl. It’s delicious served chilled from the fridge or heated for a warming breakfast.


11. Baked Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes are a nutrient-rich and delicious alternative to white potatoes. They’re also quick and easy to bake in the oven for a low-effort meal when you’re sick. This baked sweet potato recipe from A Couple Cooks recommends halving the sweet potatoes before baking to slash the cooking time to just 25 to 35 minutes.

There are endless topping options for spicing up baked sweet potatoes. Sour cream, shredded cheese or salsa are an ideal quick fix, and they’re delicious served with leftover chili.

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12. Omelet

A foolproof omelet recipe is a great trick to have in your cooking arsenal when you need to eat but you’re too unwell to prepare anything complicated. This straightforward omelet from Simply Recipes explains how to get your meal from skillet to plate in under 10 minutes.

Omelets are also a great way to use leftovers. Adding chopped onions, vegetables and cheese can make your meal more nutritious and satisfying, and you can also add cooked leftover meat. Serve with toast or sauteed potatoes to create a more filling dish.

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Plan Ahead

Having a few stored staples and time-saving equipment on hand means you can always whip up something hearty when you’re under the weather. These basic, customizable recipes are quick and healthy and can be cooked up with little effort. Hopefully, these recipes will help you get on the road to recovery on your next sick day.

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5 Ingredient or Less Dessert Recipes

There’s no need to stand over a stove for hours or spend a fortune on ingredients to make delicious desserts. Knowing a few simple recipes and clever shortcuts can help you achieve great results in a relatively short time, even if you have limited equipment or a tight budget. In fact, with the right recipe […]

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There’s no need to stand over a stove for hours or spend a fortune on ingredients to make delicious desserts. Knowing a few simple recipes and clever shortcuts can help you achieve great results in a relatively short time, even if you have limited equipment or a tight budget. In fact, with the right recipe you can make most of your favorite sweet treats using just five ingredients or less. There are even ways to whip up irresistible desserts without a mixer or oven!

We’ve listed 12 of the most tempting and decadent dessert recipes that even beginners can tackle confidently, including no-bake options, gluten-free and vegan ideas. From showstoppers to classics, there’s a recipe on this list to satisfy any sweet tooth.

1. Quick Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate mousse is a surefire crowd-pleaser, but it can be tricky to achieve the right consistency using egg whites or gelatin as a setting agent. This incredibly easy chocolate mousse recipe from Kitchen Cents requires just three ingredients and takes five minutes to prepare.

The secret to making this simple chocolate mousse is chilled heavy whipping cream, which whips to a pleasantly airy and creamy texture. Adding icing sugar and cocoa powder gives the dessert a rich flavor that satisfies any chocolate craving. You can pipe the mixture into individual ramekins with a star nozzle to achieve an Instagram-worthy dessert.

Nina Firsova/Shutterstock

2. Apple Berry Dump Cake

Dump cakes are the ideal solution for creating an impressive dessert in a hurry because you can simply dump all the ingredients straight into the baking dish. You don’t even need to mix them — just pop the tin into the oven, and get on with the rest of your meal prep while dessert bakes.

This five-ingredient apple berry dump cake from takes seconds to throw together and just 40 minutes to bake. It jazzes up a coconut-flavored packet cake mix with juicy raspberries, stewed apples and chocolate chips to make a comforting cake that goes well with whipped cream or ice cream.

Bartosz Luczak/Shutterstock

3. One-Ingredient Banana Ice Cream

Homemade ice cream is a great way to impress guests, but all that churning makes it a time-consuming (and carpel tunnel inducing) recipe to get right. This one-ingredient banana ice cream recipe from the New York Times is a fail-safe way to make delicious, healthy, dairy-free ice cream without a machine. It takes around six hours to freeze the bananas, but it only requires a couple of minutes to blitz them in a blender before serving.

The recipe calls for just one ingredient — the banana – making it naturally vegan and gluten-free. Once you’ve mastered the basic recipe, you can add your own twist by blending peanut butter or chocolate hazelnut spread into the frozen bananas or sprinkling on some chocolate chips or chopped nuts.

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4. Condensed Milk Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate truffles are the ultimate luxurious conclusion to a dinner party, and they’re easier to make than you might think. These two-ingredient condensed milk truffles from require just two steps. Simply heat canned condensed milk and cocoa powder in a pan, leave the mixture to set in the fridge and roll them into truffle balls.

These simple truffles are ideal for serving with coffee, or give them to a lucky someone as a homemade gift. You can also consider using them to top a chocolate cake for an impressive, low-effort decorative touch.

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5. Blender Banana Bread Muffins

Muffins are delicious as a quick breakfast or served with ice cream as a cupcake-like dessert, especially if you have young kids who don’t eat a lot of sugar. Blender muffin recipes, such as this one for five-ingredient banana bread muffins from Don’t Waste The Crumbs are ideal when you’re in a hurry because the blender does all the hard work for you. This recipe uses oat flour instead of regular wheat flour to make the muffins gluten-free, but check to ensure your oats are labeled gluten-free if you have an intolerance.

You can have this recipe prepared and in the oven in just a few minutes by whizzing eggs, rolled oats, honey, bananas and baking soda together in a blender and then baking for 20 minutes. You can also add half a teaspoon of ground cinnamon to give the muffins a comforting, spiced flavor or a handful of chocolate chips for added sweetness.


6. Chocolate Brownies

These straightforward five-ingredient brownies from Blue Bowl Recipes are incredibly quick to make, and you don’t even need a mixer to get great results. All you need is a large mixing bowl, a wooden spoon and a baking pan to get started. The recipe calls for just five ingredients: butter, sugar, eggs, flour and cocoa powder.

Once you’ve mastered the basic recipe, there are plenty of ways to customize these delicious brownies and transform them into an impressive dessert. Consider mixing chopped nuts or chocolate chips into the batter before baking, or add your favorite frosting on top before serving.

New Africa/Shutterstock

7. Strawberry Yogurt Popsicles

Popsicles are the ultimate low-fuss, low-effort dessert for summer, and you can achieve the creaminess of real ice cream without the churning by using Greek yogurt. This three-ingredient strawberry yogurt popsicle recipe from Little Broken combines blended strawberries, Greek yogurt and honey to create a dessert that’s as pretty as it is delicious.

There are plenty of ways to riff on the theme of frozen yogurt popsicles and create your own unique desserts. Consider swapping the strawberries for other fruits or adding chopped berries to the mixture. You can also use flavored or low-fat yogurt instead of Greek yogurt if you prefer.


8. Fresh Strawberry Pie

Making pastry from scratch is notoriously challenging to get right, but you can bake delicious tarts and pies using ready-made pie shell without compromising on taste. This easy fresh-strawberry pie recipe from Taste of Home calls for just five ingredients and makes a delightful summery dessert served with cream or ice cream.

You can make this pie dinner party-worthy by slicing the strawberries and arranging them in a pattern on top of the blind-baked pie crust. However, you can also use whole strawberries if you’re preparing the recipe in a hurry.

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9. Black Forest Trifle

This easy five-ingredient black forest trifle recipe from Happy Hooligans provides all the rich flavors of the classic gateaux without the fiddly prep. It’s the ideal solution if you need to prepare a show stopping dessert in a rush because it involves virtually zero prep — simply layer five pre-made ingredients in a serving bowl.

This black forest trifle makes a great potluck dinner contribution if you prepare it as suggested in a large serving bowl. However, you can also arrange the layers in individual ramekins or cocktail glasses to create dinner party desserts in minutes.

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10. Southern Fried Apples

Fried apples are a perennial favorite, and you can have this classic comfort food on the table in under 10 minutes. This Southern fried apple recipe from All Recipes calls for just four ingredients — peeled and sliced cooking apples, butter, sugar and cinnamon.

This recipe is well worth adding to your dessert arsenal because it’s incredibly versatile. It works beautifully as a quick dessert with ice cream, whipped cream or custard. However, it also makes a delicious topping for yogurt and breakfast cereal.

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11. Fruit Granita

Granita is a fresh, zesty Italian dessert that’s similar to sorbet. However, you break the mixture up with a fork instead of churning it as it freezes, giving it a pleasant, flaky texture similar to snow. This granita recipe from Kitchn explains how to make refreshing granita from any fresh fruit, fruit juice and sugar.

The beauty of knowing how to make granita is that it’s a great way to use up any leftover fresh fruit you have hanging around in your fruit bowl, and you can adapt the recipe to suit your taste once you’ve mastered the basics. It makes an elegant, low-calorie dessert or palate cleanser between courses.


12. No-Bake Cheesecake

No-bake cheesecakes are an easy way to add a show stopping finale to a meal, and they’re also a lot easier to get right than their baked counterparts. This five-ingredient no-bake cheesecake recipe from All Recipes uses frozen whipped topping and condensed milk to set the filling and give the cheesecake a decadently sweet flavor.

This recipe is straightforward for beginners because you can use a store-bought graham cracker crust. Alternatively, you can use mini crusts to create dainty individual servings.

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Delicious Desserts Anytime

Taking the time to learn to make a few simple five-ingredient sweet recipes means you’re never stuck for ideas when you need a last-minute dessert. You can make your life easier by keeping your kitchen stocked with the essential ingredients and investing in a blender to cut down on preparation. Any of the above recipes are a surefire way to impress guests or treat yourself to a comforting favorite without hard-to-find ingredients or expensive equipment.

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