a sprinkle and rainbow apron collab with enrich and endure!!


Sprinkle aprons and rainbow aprons are here, y’all!!! *Throws sprinkles in the air* (*Gets money worth out of the Roomba*) I’ve been scheming with my fronds at Enrich and Endure about this for what seems like forever, so I am extra super duper excited that they are finally here! I first became obsessed with Enrich and Endure four years ago when I got the sweetest note from the co-owner, Sarah, asking if she could send me an apron. When it arrived, I immediately fell in love with the quality, the color, and the feel, and it became part of my permanent uniform. It was too beautiful to think of as just a utilitarian kitchen linen, it was more than that, more like a well-loved dress or something! Over the years I’ve collected more and more colors to add to my wardrobe and they now take up like half of my closet. I wear them frequently on Girl Meets Farm, at events, on this here little blog, and anytime I’m making a mess which is pretty much always. Whenever I think up outfits to wear for blog posts and the show, my aprons play a central role. So when Sarah and her brother and co-owner Lorcan, brought up the idea of collaborating I obviously said yasssss. I’m not a clothes designer but I know that I like sprinkles and rainbows (did you know I like sprinkles and rainbows? :-P) so we immediately knew that one of the aprons had to have sprinkles. Aoife Scott designed the perfect pile of sprinkles to hang out subtly on the shoulder and pocket of an oatmeal crossback apron. This one is elegant and soft spoken with just a dash of whimsy and color, and it’s sooo comfy. No waistband = you can eat more dumplings.

For the other apron, we wanted to go with their classic apron shape, it is SO flattering! Sarah and Lorcan sent me a bunch of swatches of their linen to choose some colors and they were all SO PRETTY that I couldn’t decide, so I chose them all and named her rainbow. Ms. Rainbow is loud and spunky!! The overlapping pocket is inspired by this cool sweatshirt and it’s the perfect size for lip balm, sprinkle tweezers, a tiny tube of harissa, etc. I also love that the two straps are different colors so they look like a puzzle when they’re tied. 

These are all made in Ireland with gorgeous high quality Irish linen and I know you guys are going to love them!!! They would make perfect gifts for the holidays!!! Buy the rainbow apron here and buy the sprinkle apron here, and hurry because quantities are limited! I’ll also be posting a giveaway on my Instagram soon :)

Enjoy, fronds!!!!

photos by chantell and brett quernemoen