Holiday Gift Guide 2019

Gabe and I are back with our annual gift guide. It’s full of things that brighten our everyday, things we have on our own lists and things that make the world a little brighter. We think there is something for everyone 1. Portland Apron Co. Pinafore Apron  – I love this apron so much that… Read more »

Gabe and I are back with our annual gift guide. It’s full of things that brighten our everyday, things we have on our own lists and things that make the world a little brighter. We think there is something for everyone

1. Portland Apron Co. Pinafore Apron  – I love this apron so much that I have two. There are no strings to mess with, there is full coverage for us messy cooks and it washes like a dream. Now I have my eye on the Japanese Smock.

2. Breville Espresso Machine – (We have model BES870XL) Okay, so yes this is a doozy of a gift (check out the refurbished models!) but after using this machine for eight months I still look forward to my coffee every morning. I can count on one hand the number of times I have spent money on a latte since owning this machine. Why buy it when I can make it better at home. Gabe got this for me/us for Mother’s Day and we’ve not regretted it for one minute. Also, our latte art skills are quite impressive. Well, we’re impressed anyway.

3. Braiding Sweetgrass If we have had a conversation for longer than five minutes in the past year or if you have been keeping up on the blog you have already heard me wax poetic about this book. It’s perfect for the outdoor lover, or the nature romantic in your life.

4. A tree!! Earlier this year I read an article about the power of trees to fight climate change. With such a huge and daunting issue facing our world today it’s hard to know what we can do to help. Plant a tree! We have given the gift of trees as wedding gifts and to friends who understand the impact. It’s perfect for the friend or family member who is not looking to add more things but wants to make a difference.

5. Sprouted Kitchen Cooking Club Give the aspiring chef in your family the gift of weekly thoughtful and delicious recipes. Every week Sara will send a meal plan to your inbox complete with a shopping list. For those with young kids also check out their new ebook, Little Sprouts.

6. Incienso de Santa Fe – Piñon Incense Gabe and I recently spent a week camping in New Mexico and while we were there I picked up this piñon incense. Every morning I start my day with some quiet music, coffee and the scent of piñon.

7. Wanderlust Candle  Speaking of lovely smelling things this candle is my favorite for this season. For when you want to be in the woods but are cozied up at home instead this candle gives you the scent of a hike without the cold.

8. Kitchen Unnecessary Gift Guide (coming soon!) If you’ve enjoyed following our outdoor adventures and have outdoor loving friends in your life be sure to check out our Kitchen Unnecessary gift guide (we also have an amazing giveaway happening!)

9. Cookies! For a very limited time our cookie mix is back. This is the last of them though. We’re closing down our shop and focusing on other things. So if you want to give the gift of cookies this holiday season do it quickly. As always our books are signed and in stock. If you want a personalized message just send me a note!

10. YesPlz Coffee Speaking of coffee we love these beans. Gabe loves the ‘zine that comes with the beans. The perfect accompaniment for the perfect brew. Great beans, good words, delivered right to your door.

11. Drifters Fish Smoked Salmon Canned Salmon has become and staple in our pantry. On those instances when dinner hour sneaks up on you and the kids are asking,  “What’s for dinner?” I’m happy to pull out a tin (or jar) of Salmon that I know was sustainably harvested by our friends Nelly and Michael in Alaska. What a treat to be able to enjoy this bounty and share it with the kids.
12. Sperry Slip-Ons  As we’ve gotten into spending more and more time on the water and at the beach, these slip-ons have come in handy. In addition to being great on the boat, I used them in the rivers as we fly fished our way through Idaho, Utah and Montana this past summer. They dry quickly and don’t take up nearly as much space in the car as my wading boot when the water isn’t too cold.

13. Miir Canister Who knew a canister could be sexy? Whether you’re a miniamlist or not, this canister will store your precious city roast beans with the utmost care. It boasts an accordian-style airtight seal that can be a little tricky when your stock is low, but is fun to fold down in an ASMR sort of way. It’s got some complexity yet smooth.

14. Basil Hayden Bourbon Do you love a whiskey lover? (Who doesn’t?) In a world where there are dozens of whiskeys to choose from on the shelf, Basil Hayden’s is one I like to pick up when camping and I know I’m going to be drinking it straight up (normally out of a flask, likely my Stanley or Filson flasks). If you’re into the whole flavor profile sort of thing, I get vanilla and some cinnamon. (We don’t have a link to online liquor sales, visit your favorite local spirits shop.)

15. Handkerchief  Pro-tip for Dads: always carry a handkerchief. I usually keep one tucked away in my back pocket and it comes in clutch all the time. Some recent uses include: running nose, sweaty hikes, snapping bees / mosquitos away, wiping dog barf, drying a seat, a pouch for carrying trail mix, cleaning up a wound, and as a flag for 2×4’s hanging over the tailgate. You never know when you might need it.

16. Lamy Tipo Ballpoint Pen If you’re in Seattle stop by Peter Miller Books. If you’re like me you’ll be drawn in to his well curated collection of pens and notebooks not to mention the shelves of design books. On a recent visit I picked up this beautiful Lamy Ballpoint Pen and it quickly became my daily writer. German design and craftsmanship make for smooth and precise penmanship. Takes Lamy rollerball refills.

17. Traveler’s Company Journal  I received this beautiful notebook as a Christmas gift from my mother-in-law. It was in the category of ‘too beautiful to use’ for a little while. Once I got the courage to put it to use, I learned that I could customize it in a million different ways. Pro Tip: I found many great paper and pen insert options at Tortoise General Store in Los Angeles. Love that place.

18. Nips (coffee flavour) great for fishing. You don’t have to be an old man to act like one. Grab your favorite grandpa sweater and fill the pockets with toffee’s. They help keep me warm when it’s cold outside and give a little boost of energy when needed (usually on the steep part of a hike).

19. Orvis Encounter Fly Rod Outfit (we like the 5wt, 9’0″, 4pc) This rod was recommended by guides both young and old out of Utah. Affordable, yet fishable. This rod and reel combo is a really great place to start if you’re considering getting into fly fishing. It’s also a respectable option if you’re looking to add a 5wt to your arsenal.

20. Adopt a dog We may have said it last year, but we feel it deserves another mention. Open your home to a new dog and your family will love you forever. If that sounds like too much responsibility, consider fostering a dog (or cat). Shelters and the humane society are often looking for loving homes to care for their animals in the interim before they’re adopted. It’s a win-win when these animals receive all the more lovin’ right up until they find their forever homes. Just beware, you may end up being that forever home.

I also have some of my favorite things on my Amazon Influencer Page. Please note, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Thank you.

Holiday Gift Guide 2018

Gabe and I are back with another gift guide. This year I’m happy to report that we are publishing this about four days before last years so hopefully that gives you a bit more time to make the purchases. The items are our list below are a few things that brought us joy throughout the… Read more »

Gabe and I are back with another gift guide. This year I’m happy to report that we are publishing this about four days before last years so hopefully that gives you a bit more time to make the purchases.

The items are our list below are a few things that brought us joy throughout the year or in some cases, they are the very things on our list. Many of them are products produced by friends who I adore and I think are doing amazing things and the entire world should know about it.

We’d love to hear your feedback on our list and I am always excited to know what other people are gifting.

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I’ll admit, this year I was a bit preoccupied with finishing my book and trying to share it with the world so I haven’t had as much time as I’d like diving into new books but here are a few I have, have spent some time in their pages and am eager to get cooking:

1. Now & Then

Julia Turshen’s latest book is filled with recipes that I crave daily. They are simple, creative and the recipes work!

2. The Noma Guide to Fermentation

Every winter I like to tackle a project. This year; fermentation. I want to understand how this little bubbles work without making me sick. If you have someone in your life who loves an in depth kitchen project this book is for them. It’s properly nerdy and full of beautiful and practical imagery.

3. The Flavor Bible

This one never leaves my kitchen. In fact as I’ve been doing a bit of recipe planning this morning I have this book sitting at my feet. I’ve talked about it often but it’s worth repeating.

4. The Campout Cookbook

Elevated camping food full of unique ideas for cooking food over the fire. Which we all know, is one of my favorite pastimes. This book makes the often overwhelming task of preparing food on the campsite feel very doable and fun. I adore the illustrations and handy charts.

5. Wine Food

One of my goals for 2018 was to learn more about wine. I’m not so sure how much I learned but I sure drank quite a bit of it – which really is essential in the learning process. This book is a great guide to so many varieties and then pairs the wine with some of the most delicious sounding food – FALFEL WAFFELS!!

6. Drifters Fish

Nelly and Michael are two of my favorite people and they just so happen to produce the best smoked salmon around. If you want to send a taste of the PNW this is what you need. They were also our guides for the Alaska episodes.

7. Schotts Cardigan

I treated myself to this sweater about a month ago and I’ve not taken it off. They say it’s a men sweater but I say it’s mine.

8. Suribachi (Japanese Mortar & Pestle)

I purchased one of these at Uwajimaya here in Seattle. It’s been on every Kitchen Unnecessary adventure with us as it’s both functional and beautiful and it is used almost daily in my kitchen at home.

9. Culinary Knife Roll

This particular knife bag is on my Christmas list this year. I bought myself an inexpensive bag earlier in the year and wondered why I waited so long. It’s perfect for traveling (but of course you need to check it in a suitcase) or for moving from one place to the next. I love having everything I need and all of my favorite tools in one place. It’s perfect for cooking outside as I want to take only the things I need and nothing more. Great for the kitchen enthusiasts and chefs in your life.

10. Artifact Uprising Calendar

These stunning calendars have been gifted a few times. We have so many pictures gathered throughout the year and this is such a stunning way of highlighting them.

11. Hugh Forte Print

I’ve been a long time fan of Hugh’s food photography but his water prints are so calming and beautiful. I want them all.

I LOVE to give subscriptions for the holidays – it’s literally the gift that keeps on giving. Here are a few favorites.

12. SK Cooking Club

For the person who loves a little help in the kitchen planning recipes, grocery lists, etc. Sara’s friendly voice pops into your inbox weekly to deliver healthy and delicious recipes to help with the never ending question – “What’s for dinner?” Her recipes are approachable yet exciting, heavy on vegetables with a bright freshness that I just adore.

13. YES PLZ Coffee (and zine!) subscription

Never run out of coffee again. That is a gift I can get behind.

14. Sounds Delicious

Kasey and Matt are kindred spirits in the kitchen and around the turntable. I gifted Gabe with a series of Sounds Delicious albums and it’s a delight every time they arrive in the mailbox. Matt has curated an incredible list of artists who cover an entire album. I love the design of the albums themselves and each one has been so fun to listen to.

15. Modern Huntsman

This magazine is incredibly inspiring visually and has also been such a powerful voice for me as I’ve delved deeper into the outdoor world this year and have spent a large part of my life wrestling with hunting. It’s a biannual journal with the heart to change the narrative around hunting. It’s perfect for outdoor photographers and people just generally interested in living an outdoor lifestyle.

From Gabe:

16. Biscoff cookies – let’s be honest, I’m married to someone who has her own line of cookies. And they’re flippin amazing. But there’s a time and place for almost every cookie, and perhaps my favorite cookie to eat alongside that now rare afternoon cup of coffee is a Biscoff. Ashley knows I love them and always brings me a snack-pack of them from her airline flights when she travels. That’s just one of the reasons why I love her. You can also find Ashley’s recipe for Biscoff style cookies in her new book, Let’s Stay In. 😉

17. Rhodia Legal Pad – If you’re anything like me, you love a good to-do list. And you’re more than a little persnickety about the paper and writing implements you use on a daily basis. I’ve been using Rhodia notepads for years and love how they take the ink. Whether you feeling felt tip, ballpoint, jell pen or old school pencil lead, this paper is great for everyday notes and lists to keep you better organized.

18. Books and Art by Invisible Creature – These brothers are super talented. I’ve been fortunate to work with them on some small photography projects and always enjoy seeing what they’re up too (think space themed posters commissioned by NASA as well as postage stamps for the United States Postal Service). So when I saw they illustrated a Golden Book about Pixar’s The Incredibles I picked one up right away. I’m also currently making space to put up my Invisible Creature Oxford Pennant which commemorates the Kingdome. Check out their books, posters, prints and pennants. All great gift ideas.

19. PG tips – I mentioned last year that due to health reasons, I’ve limited my coffee intake and been ever more reliant on tea to get me going most mornings. Ashley reached out to our good friend Kacie (who currently resides in England) on a daily drinker and Kacie recommended PG Tips. She even gave me a little insight into how to properly brew. I figure if it’s good enough for Queen and Country, it’s good enough for me.  A lovely way to start your day.

20. Rescue a Puppy – Win the coveted “Parents of the Year” award from your kids by giving them a puppy on Christmas. There are a number of pet adoption agencies out there, we’ve adopted two dogs from Saving Great Animals (who rescued our Lily from a kill shelter). Both our dogs (Lillian and Frederick) have brought immeasurable amounts of joy to our family.